Tip Tuesday- Any Questions?

For the past while, I have been dedicating my Tuesday Post to the many things I have experienced while planning parties. This week, I wanted to make it more interactive and ask YOU what you would like to know! Please feel free to post multiple questions and over the next few weeks, I will pick a few and answer them in my Tip Tuesday post!


Chalkboard Menu

Happy Monday!!
I hope everyone had a great Easter/Passover weekend! I always enjoy spending the weekend with family, eating yummy food. Because I am still full I thought I would focus today's post on a simple craft.
I love seeing chalkboards in restaurants, the changing menu makes me feel like they really take pride in fresh ingredients. So, I decided to make my own !

What you will need for this project:
5x7 Picture Frame
5x7 Paint Canvas ( I got mine at The Dollar Store)
Paint Brush
Chalkboard Paint

Step1: Paint the canvas with chalkboard paint and let dry. Repeat this step 3 times or until you can no longer see the white canvas . Tip for this step, The canvas was a bit large for the frame so I had to cut some off the bottom to make it fit.

Step 2: Write on the chalkboard !

The Final Project!

This craft is so simple I almost didn't have to put any steps! You can use any size canvas you want, maybe next time I'll try a larger one.


Easter Cupcakes

With Easter only a few days away I thought it would be fun to create a small spring/Easter inspired cupcake. I have faith in my readers and know that all of you have the basic knowledge of how to make cupcakes and icing. Which is why I have not included making them in my steps. Before you start this project make 24 mini cupcakes and green icing.

What you will need for this project:
Cadbury Mini Eggs
1 cup of Smooth Peanut Butter
Pretzel Sticks
24 Mini Cupcakes
Green Icing Color
Spring Style Mini Muffin Cups
* Wilton Icing Tip Number 233 (you can find this at Michaels or Bulk Barn)
* Standard Coupler
* Icing bag

*items not shown

Step One: Once you have made your mini cupcakes and green icing, take about 3 cups of pretzel sticks and cut in half.

Step 2: Take one cup of peanut butter and melt it in the microwave for approx 30 seconds, or until creamy. Begin to mix in the pretzels until they are all coated .

Step 3: Once all of the pretzels are coated you can begin to make the " birds nests." Take three pretzels and make a triangle for the base. Place three more pretzels opposite of the base. A tip for this step, try not to over think how you are placing your pretzels. They don't have to be placed in a perfect triangle . As long as there is a small opening for the egg , that's all that matters . Once you have made enough nests place them in the fridge to harden.

Step 4: Place your green icing in an icing bag with a coupler and Wilton icing tip # 233. If you are not sure how to do this check out a small tutorial here and here. Once the bag is filled hold it at a 90 degree angle over the cupcake . Gently squeeze out icing while slowly moving your hand upward. Once the grass is long enough stop squeezing and gently pull tip away.

Step 5: Continue step 4 until entire surface of cupcake is covered. Repeat on all cupcakes .

Step 6: Remove your pretzel nests from the fridge and place on top of the icing. I used a small spatula for this step , it was the easiest way to lift the pretzels without having them fall apart.

Step 7: Place chocolate eggs on top of nest .

The Final Project !

I had so much fun creating these cupcakes. They are just the right size that you can pop one or two in your mouth! Try not to leave them out of the fridge for to long or the peanut butter will start to melt.

Happy Easter!


Tip Tuesday: Plan Your Playlist

Tip # 12: Plan your playlist ahead of time

One of the key things to a great dinner party is the music you choose to play. Music helps set the mood and can also be a great conversation starter for many of your guests. The type of music you play should be determined by the kind of party you are looking to have. A simple quite dinner party can be accompanied by softer music , paired with something more up beat after dessert is served. I usually start planning my play list a week in advance. This way I can take my time and tweak what songs I have chosen. To add in something more personalized, try picking your favorite song and have it play at every party you have ! It gives a more personal feel to your guest when they start to notice after attending a few of your parties!

What song would you choose as your personal song?

April Fools Dessert

I love the idea of disguising food and making it look like something it's not. For April Fools day I thought it would be fun to make a dessert that is quick, easy and funny to look at!
To be honest, I used this project as more of a fun activity, so I have to admit not everything is home made! But, still very delicious.

What you will need for this project:
One package of Jell-O chocolate pudding
35% Whipping cream (optional)
One package of Oreo cookies
Gummy Worms
Plastic cups
Small flower pots ( bought at The Dollar Store)

Note: make the pudding and whipped cream before you start step 1. You don't have to make Whipped cream for this project ,you can use Miracle Whip or bypass it all together. One Package of Jell-O makes approx 6 desserts.

Step 1: Once your Jell-O and Whipped cream is done, put Oreo cookies in a plastic Ziploc bag and crumble with a meat hammer or rolling pin, and set aside.

Step 2: Combine pudding and about 2 cups of whipped cream with 1 cup of Oreo cookie crumbs. You can add more of each item depending on your taste.

Step 3: Place your plastic cup inside the pot and cut enough so that it does not stick out the top. A tip for this step, depending on the type of plastic you use be careful that it does not crack and leave a jagged edge.

Step 4: Place a thin layer of Oreo crumbs at the bottom of the glass.

Step 5: Fill the cup half way with your chocolate pudding mixture.

Step 6: For an added surprise put 2 gummy worms on top of the chocolate pudding.

Step 7: Repeat step 4, 5 and 6. Make sure you place the crumbled Oreo so that it covers all of the pudding and a little bit of the worm, so it looks like the worm is coming out of the dirt!

The Finished Project!

P.S. Happy April fools day!


Tip Tuesday : Have A Plan B

Tip # 11

Loyal readers of my blog and many of my family and friends know that when it comes to party planning, I try and make sure that everything goes exactly to plan(ahh the life of a perfectionist). BUT... there are times when I am in a situation where my plan just won't work. The most obvious example would be, having a party outside. Having a plan b for rain is a must when having a party outside. But , what about the parties where the dish you make doesn't come out properly? Having another recipe handy or a few extra appetizer in the freezer is a great way to stay on track and not have to scramble at the last minute.

Candy Tree

A few weeks ago I did this post and showed you some great shots from my cousin Rachel's candy themed party. The candy tree was one of my favorite things to make. Its such a cute, bright and colorful idea and it is very easy to make. Check it out below!

What you will need for this project:
Foam Ball
Tooth picks
BBQ skewers
Jube Jubes
Foam Brick ( I purchased mine in the gardening section at Michael's)

*Items not shown

Step 1: Take your tooth picks and cut in half. The flat end of the tooth pick should be used to puncture the Jube Jube, leaving the pointy edge sticking out.

Step 2: Take your Jube Jube and puncture the foam ball with the sharp end of the tooth pick. Continue this step until the entire ball is covered. It's okay if you can see some of the ball between the candy, most people won't notice it!

Step 3: I made the stem of the tree of out a few BBQ skewers that I wrapped in green ribbon. I would also suggest going to home depot or a store that sells wood and getting a thicker piece of round wood. The skewers were a bit flimsy .

Step 4: Using the vase , press the top gently on to the foam brick so that it makes an indent and then cut out the shape. Make sure you cut the foam a little smaller than the container so you have room to cover it with candy. Tip, you might need to use a glue gun to hold down the foam so it doesn't move around.

Step 5: Fill the space between the foam and vase with your choice of candy. I chose Smarties but you can pick anything you want!

The Finished Project !

When I made this I thought it would be a great decoration, but it also ended up being a yummy snack for the girls at the party. Using the tooth picks instead of glue was a great idea and I didn't have to worry about what to do with the candy later because it was all gone!
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