What's On The Menu?

Don' t get me wrong, I love going out for dinner and experiencing the different spices and flavors a restaurant can offer you. But... there is something special about staying in and taking the time to make someone a home cooked meal. It taste much better knowing that you put your blood , sweat and tears into it . I recently made a pre Valentines Day dinner and I would love to share the menu with you ! Enjoy and Bon Appetite.

French Onion Soup
Salad with, Goat Cheese and Candied Pecans
Baked Asparagus
Gnocchi Casserole

I started the meal off with a home made French onion soup. It took me about 2 hours to caramelize the onions but it was very worth it !

To top it off I added a toasted baguette with melted Gruyere cheese.

This salad was really simple to make. I used mixed green lettuce, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, aged balsamic vinaigrette and candied pecans. To candy the pecans, add a cup of brown sugar to a cup of pecans and slowly heat them on the stove. It is important that you continuously stir the pecans or the sugar will burn.

The asparagus was also very simple . I drizzled salt, pepper, extra virgin olive and white balsamic vinaigrette on the asparagus and baked them in the oven at 350 (f) for about 15 min.

If you have never made Gnocchi before , you wouldn't know that the image above is riced potatoes, rolled into balls. The idea for this Gnocchi came from two places, the casserole idea came from here and the Gnocchi recipe came from one of my favorite Canadian chefs , Mark McEwan . His new cook book, Mark McEwan: Great Food at Home , has a large variety of comfort food recipes that you can actually make at home !
Once the potatoes are riced and rolled into balls , cute them in half and gently roll out into a long line.

Cut the gnocchi on an angle and gently drop in to boiling water. A small tip I discovered while making the gnocchi, if you gently dust the gnocchi with flour before putting it into the water it helps keep the shape . Also, if the water becomes murky dump it out and start with fresh water after a few batches, this will also help it keep shape

Once the gnocchi is cooked I layered it with home made tomato sauce and ricotta cheese and put it in the over for 30 min, or until the cheese is slightly browned

I always thought that making gnocchi was difficult but its more time consuming, if anything .
Using simple ingredients to make a great meal is always worth the time !


  1. k now i'm really sad i missed this. the soup looks like insanity.
    xx jb

  2. i want the gnocchi recipe please!


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