Hi everyone, and welcome to the Sparkles & Champagne blog! The world of everything fine, pretty and fabulous!

I’m a 36-year-old fashion, beauty, and lifestyle enthusiast from Finland who enjoys elegance and the finer things in life.  I have a petite body shape as my height is 158cm, therefore I’m quite fascinated with the idea of exploring different ways of how to make the best out of my height and emphasize my best features. I want to share my outfit ideas and hopefully be able to style them well for a petite body shape. 

I feel that there is a huge lack of clothing stores aimed at petite women as most of the clothes that are sold in the shops are tailored for the tall and skinny. The issue with this for a petite body type is that the proportions of the clothes are way too long. Sleeves, hems, or the waistlines are not where they are supposed to be for us, petite ladies 😉 For instance, I love the idea of a midi skirt but for someone like me, the midi skirts sold in generic stores like Zara or Mango are basically a maxi length for my height. Funny, I know! Of course, there are always the options of getting the clothes to a tailor but I feel that it’s slightly unfair that we would need to go through that trouble. I will also be sharing my beauty and skincare tips that are aimed specifically for a +35-year-old skin that already needs a little bit more attention to look fabulous.

So anyways welcome to my world of petite dressing and everything else pretty that life has to offer!


Hugs & Kisses!