All Black Outfit

As we are getting closer to spring it finally felt appropriate to wear a wool coat as it wasn’t as freezing outside anymore. In Finland we have a cold spring, therefore our spring outfits might be a little wintery.  I was still wearing a winter parka throughout the whole of April. So today I decided to wear an all-black outfit with different textures to make it more interesting. This black wool coat is my go-to coat that works with pretty much anything. I wear it with sneakers, boots, ballerinas, pumps, anything. As I have a petite body type I always need to consider the proportions of my body compared to the clothes/shoes that I wear. If I want to look put together. This specific coat is the perfect length and structure for a petite body type. It’s not too long and it’s quite slim.

Today I styled a more elegant outfit.  If you wear all black you can’t really go wrong. I also like to play with contrasts and having blond hair gives this look exactly that. 

I consciously try to dress up a little bit every time I go somewhere other than the grocery store. It has been such a challenging year for everyone and I’m honestly super tired of the whole sweatpants and hoody look. Therefore now it’s time for dressing up even if there is nothing special going on. I noticed how much it actually elevates my mood and makes me feel better. 

Adding a heel to an outfit makes a petite body type feel more elongated and taller. I’m hardly 160cm tall therefore I often like to wear heels if the occasion is appropriate. But I’m very comfort-loving as well and love to wear flats when running errands. Hope you enjoyed my post. Wishing you a great week everyone! Xoxo!

Coat: Mango, Leggings: Zara, Boots: Zara, Scarf: Tiger of Sweden,  Bag: Ralph Lauren

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