Golden Jewelry and A Red Swimsuit

Red and gold is an elegant and timeless combo, especially in the summer. It’s quite a show-stopper as well. This combo is probably one of my favorites. Golden accessories paired with red clothes especially on sunkissed skin.

This time I combined a red swimsuit with sparkling golden jewelry. This look is just perfect for a summer outing. I feel that after this harsh lockdown winter I just want to have fun with clothes, jewelry, and make-up without thinking too much about whether it’s appropriate or not. I decided I’m going to wear whatever I want and enjoy it while I can. Life is too short for boring looks 😉

Linen is one of my favorite summer materials as it looks elegant even though it is wrinkly. It’s supposed to be wrinkly by the way. Linen is super low maintenance and very durable. 

I love a white crisp linen shirt for the summer that I can just throw over a swimsuit or a dress. It’s so versatile and can be worn in many ways. In this outfit, I decided to throw it over my swimsuit as o coverup at the beach after having a long day of sunbathing.

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