Summer Saturday In A Hot Pink Suit


We are having a serious heatwave here in the south of Finland at the moment and it’s amazing! I love hot summers and can’t get enough of them. Finally, after a very long and cold winter, we have reached summer.  

I purchased this cool hot pink suit a while ago and thought that it would be so amazing to wear something like this. It’s almost like a statement piece and you are bound to get noticed when wearing a suit this color. 

The trousers are ankle length which is a great length also for petite body types. Pointy heels with straps that don’t go all the way around the ankle are more flattering than actual ankle straps. Ankle straps actually make the leg appear shorter and bulkier. 

Also if you notice how open the shoe is at the front edge of the feet. This style makes the leg look more elongated as well. It’s good to know these tricks 😉

Outfit: Zara

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