Classic Red Nails with Essie

I have always loved red nails and considered them super feminine and a timeless classic.  Essie is my go-to nail polish brand as it’s very durable and doesn’t chip so quickly. I actually discovered Essie about a year ago and didn’t expect it to be this good. What a pleasant surprise. 

You can achieve the classic red nails with Essie. I tried the color “Russian roulette” and it’s a very classic bright red. I think that especially with my pale skin tone it looks even brighter. I have actually noticed that when my skin is tanned then the color of the nail polish doesn’t stand out as much.  

First I use a nail hardener or a strengthener as a base coat before I apply the Essie nail polish. I wait for it to dry for about 2 mins and then I apply a fast drying top coat to seal everything. The result is super shiny and lasts for about a week without chipping off. Obviously, if I would do the dishes every day or some other type of physical work with my hands all the time then I doubt any nail polish can withhold that for more than a couple of days.

Anyways I’m super happy with the result. 


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