A Lovely White Fur-coat

I have honestly waited to wear this white faux fur coat for a very long time as it has been way too cold to wear it. The coat is actually very thin and it does not keep me warm if the weather is less than 10 degrees Celcius. Now it has finally gotten a little bit warmer here in Finland and I had the courage to throw on this white little number.

I decided to show you guys how it is possible to wear a white fur coat first with beige boots and accessories then with black boots and accessories. Both of the shoes are high heels to make the outfit more elegant but you can easily pair a fur coat with a pair of riding boots or why not a pair of stylish sneakers.

I personally am not a big fan of all-white outfits in cold weathers, therefore I styled this coat with black leggings to avoid a snow queen look 😀 and make it a little bit more approachable and something you can actually wear in public without feeling awkward.

Styled with beige boots and accessories

Ok, so lets start with the beige. I loved the idea of adding some other light shades to this outfit to soften the contrast with the black. Beige leather boots paired with the same color bag in this case. Super cute and elegant especially if you are tired of always wearing dark colours.

Styled with black boots and accessories

This version is styled with everything else black except the sweater. The idea of black and white is always very chic and elegant. Works every time. Hard to fail with this color combo. In this version, I’m wearing black leather boots paired with a black leather bag. The golden chain gives this outfit a bit of a spark.

Which one is your favorite?

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